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Welcome to C'est Chic Productions & art Buying site.

I have been working in fashion and photography for over 25 years. 
I studied art & styling and started my career working for a designer in the late eighties.
Later on, I became a fashion stylist, which brought me into contact with many interesting people. I’ve worked on editorials as a fashion editor, I’ve worked for advertising catalogues, TV productions and films.
I have gained a lot of experience from working with different clients, awesome artists, and agencies from all over the world. What I have always enjoyed most, though, is to work in a team and to witness the creative force that arises through teamwork.
I founded C'est chic agency in 2001, mainly because I wanted to share my experience and my passion.
At that time the agency’s key function was managing artists: photographers, video artists, stylists, make-up & hair artists, introducing their talents to fashion, advertising, and events clients in Belgium and Europe. Other activities were organizing the production for events and shooting productions.
From 2014 onwards, I want to be more flexible than working in an office:
Art buying and production: I love bringing a team together, finding the perfect match of artists for a shooting production, or assembling a make-up team or stylist team for fashion shows or events.
My goal is to find the best solutions, casting, and planning locations and find the details that give a unique touch to a project.
Since the very beginning of my career, I have worked on building a strong database and network in Belgium, France and the rest of Europe.
Thanks for your time.

Don't hesitate to contact me.
Belinda Cordier