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: OCS Press Campaign ( art Buying), Photographer Nicolas Velter, production Pacha, agency Gédeon Paris DA :Nicolas Framery

2013: Hair & make-up & styling crew for Kocca fashion brand fashion show in Brussels.

2013 : Amnesty International with Nicolas Velter ( Post and Press Campaign agency: Air)

2013 : Gilette 362, Photographer Jean-Bernard Thiele, agency Proximity BBDO Paris , AD Marc Attalah

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2013 : Ilja Visser Designer presentation FW SS14  paris coordination  hair &make-up crew For Totem Press agency

2012 :Theatre D'Arras and Douai poster & programme , Photographer : Laetitia Bica AD with  Alt agency

2012:  Event Fashion show For 10 TH anniversary of the brand Terre Bleue Brussels Art Buying & coordination with Dominique Goosens .

2011: Skills  Belgian Contest Catalogue, Photographer Laetitia Bica, Agency Anouk & co Brussels

2010 : Press folder for Laurent Gerbaud ( Belgian Chocolate) , Photographers Laetitia Bica, agency Air Brussels, AD 

2009 & 2010: La guilde des orfèvres, POS campaign , Photographer Michel Dewindt & Sandrine Quiska , Agency Being France, AD: Elodie Houche .

2009 : Point Carré Pos campaign, Photographer: Laetitia Bica,  Agency Publicis ,DA Sarah Gabrielle.


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